Random Search Selector

Random Person Search Screening Device

ELSATO Random Search Selector Random search selector is a security device and a permanent deterrent in any place or events, where there is a need to search or screen people or vehicles for safety reasons, without the cost, time and inconvenience of stopping everyone, like
  • theft prevention (search of personnel, bags and vehicles)
  • alcohol and drug abuse (suspect)
  • screening for prohibited item (weapon, firearm, drug, alcohol)
  • inspection (testing, compliance checking).
Random search selection generator gives randomly and unpredictably pass or stop signs according to the setting of the desired percentage (search ratio) between 0,5-99,5%.

Where to use:

The random search screening system can be used on leaving or entering premises for choosing people or vehicles to be searched at walk/drive-through security check points, like
  • exits for loss prevention (industrial plant and ground, factory, manufacturer of consumer products, shop, commercial centre, warehouse, distribution centre, supply house, stock and storage depot, jeweller, gold/diamond mine, eye wear manufacturer, business, work place, vehicle searches etc.),
  • exits for information safety reasons (computer manufacturer, security products manufacturer, manufacturer of electronics, energy company, management of data and information, high-tech industry, high-security site, military site, power plant etc.),
  • entrances for prevent of weapons at special events (concerts, political events, tourist attractions etc.),
  • in public facilities for safety reasons such as airports, border control, schools, courthouses, government building, pedestrian traffic areas etc.

How the random search selector works:

Everyone passing through the control point touches once the random person search screening unit. The random selector either gives a Green pass light with a melody indicating no search, or a Red stop and search alert indicating the selection for a search or closer inspection.
The red and the green lights are accompanied by different tones as audible alarms. The selection is random. The chance of being selected will depend on the percentage adjusted from 0.5% to 99.5% in 0.5% steps. (For example at 10% there is a one in ten chance of getting a red=search.) The selection frequency can be changed any time.


With the random search selector is the random routine within the security policy transparent to both employees, security guards and visitors.
It is part of an effective search policy
  • eliminating claims of discrimination (personal dislike, persecution, negative prejudice, victimisation, racism) removing the human element of security personnel in selecting individuals.
  • There are no more human failings of security staff (corruption, negligence, positive prejudice) of the person conducting the selection.


Random person search screening device is a wall mounted mains powered model which is ready to use with very little assembly required like simply setting of the desired percentage of the search ratio, fixing to a wall and connecting mains adapter.
The random check selector can operate as a
  • stand-alone screening unit or can easily be
  • incorporated into any existing security setup to interact with boom-gates, security booths, guard hut, interface with electric door strikes, turnstiles, electric locks, access control card reader, IR beam and be activated through pressure mats, push buttons detector, card reader, keypad and photocell sensors. The system can be enhanced by using optional CCTV system to oversee and record the search procedures used.
Optional accessories (remote push button, external light and tone) are available.

Download Pass or Stop on Google Play
For use occasionally or in variable places we recommend "Pass or Stop" Android application that emulates RPS210 device.

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