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Tour patrol control system

ELSATO Tour patrol control system

The tour patrol control system verifies what route and schedule mobile workers (e.g. security personnel patroling a facility) follow throughout the working shift. The force- and weatherproof system documents effectively and objectively, how security guards are covering their rounds: who was when and where? By placing RFID recording station buttons at predetermined locations in the area to be patroled, the guard moves from place to place, and approaches the wall stations with the handheld data acquisition unit kept by him in order to make him identify and to record the time and location. In order to evaluate performances, the monitoring programme operating under Microsoft Windows transfers, stores the data of the journal report having registered in the portable unit earlier, retaining its contents even in the absence of the accumulating power. The programme for easy management generates automatically the necessary reports, documenting security officers activities, not only in case of routes of settled chronological order, but observing some simple rules - the flexible ones, too, including the trials of sabotage or mishandling, e.g. setting of the clock, manipulation of the housing. Additonal data acquisition unit, personal/incident ID key and recording station button can be added as needed. The system works offline, without additional costs
The application of the patrol control system is proposed for enterprises interested in the trustworthyly documentable and efficient patroling, especially:
- real estates of larger area (office building, manufacturing facility, industrial plant, yard of iron, wood, building materials, construction site, shopping centre, warehouse, agricultural territory, forest, camping, holiday resort, residential area, port, railway station, airport, bus garage, car park, underground, prison, etc.)
- institutions storing irreplaceable documents, data, values (bank, insurance company, museum, policy station, institute of the interior, ministry, pension and health fund, etc.)
- prestige real estates (hotel, luxury house, luxury holiday home, private hospital, healthcare site, car dealer, etc.)